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Sweet almond oil, used for its gentle skin-softening properties, is the signature ingredient in this non-greasy, easily absorbed formulation. Beautifully packaged in an easy to use mess-free pump. Massage not only helps parents and their baby bond through skin on skin contact, but it also soothes your baby and is an important addition to a baby’s night-time regime. It leaves your baby and you feeling relaxed, allowing you both to drift off into a deep and calming sleep. USAGE: 1. In a warm room, place a towel underneath your baby. 2. Warm a little of the oil in the palms of your hands. 3. Start with the legs as they’re less sensitive than some other parts of her body. 4. Wrap your hands around one of her thighs and pull down gently, squeezing lightly. Switch legs and repeat. 5. Move onto her feet by stroking the top of her foot from the ankle to her toes. Trace gentle circles on the soles of her feet with your thumbs. Switch feet and repeat. 6. Take one of her arms and similarly to the action used on her legs, wrap your hands around her arm and pull down gently from her armpit to her wrist. Switch arms and repeat. 7. As with the action used on the soles of her feet, gently make tiny circles on each palm with your thumbs. 8. With your baby lying on her back, place your hands side by side on her chest with your palms flat. Gently and slightly, move your hands apart, towards each side of her body. Repeat several times. 9. Finish with your baby’s back using long, firm strokes from her shoulders to her feet. If she’s enjoying it, use your fingertips to trace tiny circles on either side of her spine. Start at her neck and move down to her bottom. 10. Wrap her up warmly and give her a cuddle and if necessary, a feed.


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