Frequently Asked Questions About Carmex

What's In Carmex?
We list all ingredients on the jar's lid or the side of the tube.
Carmex is a blend of Menthol, Camphor, alum, salicylic acid, and fragrance in a base of petroleum, lanolin, cocoa butter and a mixture of waxes.

What's salicylic acid? Is it dangerous?
Salicylic acid is closely related to the active ingredient in aspirin. Its purpose in Carmex is twofold. It serves in combination with other ingredients as an antiseptic and as a cold sore drying agent.

What if I have an adverse reaction to aspirin?
Some people with highly sensitive lips can experience a reaction to the salicylic acid in Carmex. In these cases we recommend that the person switch to some unmedicated product such as petroleum jelly.

What sizes does Carmex come in?
Carmex comes in 7.5g jars, and10g EZ-ON applicator tubes.

Why does Carmex tingle when you put it on?
Carmex contains camphor and menthol. These ingredients give Carmex a cooling effect and help relieve itching of rough, chapped lips.

Does Carmex test its products on animals?
We never have nor ever will test our products on animals. All testing is by means of chemical analysis.

Are there other uses for Carmex?
Although we make Carmex for treatment of cold sores and chapped lips, many of our customers report using it as a general antiseptic ointment for cuts, burns, insect bites, and even athlete's foot.

Does Carmex come in other scents?
The scent of Carmex comes mainly from its ingredients.

Is Carmex popular?
Carma Labs recently received the 2003 Achievement Award from Pharmacy Times magazine. This is the fifth year in a row that Carmex ranked highest in a survey of over-the-counter lip balms recommended by pharmacists across the nation.


Carmex is a registered tradename of Carma Laboratories, Inc.