History of The Garden Pharmacy

The Garden Pharmacy started life in the centre of Covent Garden in 1984, when Covent Garden was transforming itself from a fruit and vegetable
 market, to the bustling cosmopolitan scene that made it so famous-- a change that Liza Doolittle could never have imagined.

The pharmacy was started by Harry Ganz and Sunil Patel together with their wives, and was always intended to be a
french-style pharmacy, with  great emphasis on skincare, makeup and perfumes.

There were several landmarks during our 30 years in Covent Garden:  

  • In 1987, we became the first Pharmacy to have fully automatic stock control

  • In 1988, we became the first independent store to sell Clinique skincare and makeup

  • 1n 1992, we became the first independent store in the UK to sell Chanel Beaute

  • In 1993, we became the first web store to sell beauty products online in the UK  (it is an interesting fact that we were so forward in this respect, that many of the brands sunch as Chanel, and Estee Lauder banned us selling their products online, saying "we will never allow our products to be sold on Internet". It took them another 5 years until they came to their senses!

  • In 1996, Harry Ganz, one of the founding directors, was awarded the Gordon Whitehead Award, the UK's most prestigeous award for services to the Fragrance & Cosmetics industry

  • In 2014, we decided to move our whole business "online" and moved our store to our new warehouse in Park Royal, and subsequently to premises in NW11