Dermablend Top 10 Makeup Rules

  1. When choosing a foundation test the shade along your jaw line, in natural light. Your perfect shade will simply 'disappear' into the tone of your skin. Also, use daylight bulbs in the room where you apply your make up, to get a true idea of what your make up looks like.

  2. If you have sensitive skin, use a foundation brush to apply your foundation, as using your fingers will actually stimulate your sensitive skin.

  3. If you suffer from rosacea or redness, look for a coverage product with a yellow base, like the Dermablend Corrective Fluid foundation. A lot of people apply green products to counteract the red, however I find it makes the skin quite sallow and greyish, so I always opt for a product that has a yellow base instead to achieve that perfect, flawless coverage.

  4. Use an eyelash curler. Be sure to choose one that creates a beautiful upward curl, with a delicate pumping motion, move from the lash base upward for maximum results. Always curl before applying mascara, not after. When bare, the eyelashes are suppler so you're less likely to damage them.

  5. If you have fair eyelashes, it can be quite difficult to cover the lashes close to eye line. Consider having them tinted or, after you've applied mascara, use a small flat brush dip in mascara and paint over the blonde lashes at the base.

  6. Banish under eye circles with a creamy concealer like Dermablend’s Corrective Stick. It will glide on nicely under your eyes, provide a great coverage and it won't sit in any fine lines.

  7. A big mistake a lot of women make when applying bronzer/blusher is using a huge brush and sweeping it all over their face. This only leaves you with a overly made up face, your brush should be about the circumference of the apple of your cheek.

  8. Finish off your make-up with a translucent setting powder, like Dermablend’s Setting Powder. It will extend the wearability of your foundation to help it last all day, and provides a really natural, flawless finish without any ‘cakiness’.

  9. For a glossy, three-dimensional lips without lipgloss, use a slightly damp cotton bud to dab shimmer pigment in white, yellow, or gold on the centre of the lips. Dab from the outside in, to give a wet, shiny look without actually using lip gloss.

  10. When filing your nails, only file in one direction, then backwards and forward motion is too harsh on the nail causing it to split. Try to keep your nail polishes in the fridge to help keep the natural consistency of the polish.