Dermablend foundation applicatrion for redness problems

Dermablend for redness problems

Firstly, cleanse and tone your skin and apply a moisturiser. I would recommend using a foundation brush to apply the moisturiser, as the warmth and the heat from your fingertips can actually stimulate the redness.

The next step would be to apply your foundation. Don’t be afraid to mix foundation shades together to find your perfect match. I always opt for a foundation with a yellow base like the Dermablend range; however a lot of people tend to apply green products to counteract the redness. I wouldn’t recommend this as I find it makes the skin look sallow and greyish.

When applying your first layer of foundation, you want to just simply even the skin tone out, as you can then go back afterwards to add more cover on any blemishes. The Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation contains oils in it which simply make the foundation glide onto the skin. You won’t need to work hard to blend the foundation and right away you should have amazing coverage.

 After you have got an even skin tone, you then want to apply Dermablend’s Corrective Stick on any slight red areas. I love the concealer sticks as you can really build the coverage.

Finally, set your foundation with the Dermablend Setting Powder. The powder is colourless so it won’t be changing the colour of your foundation at all. This power will take away any shine and provides a perfect base for blusher and eye shadow. Don’t put lots of the powder on your brush, tap off the excess and just gently pat it onto the skin for flawless coverage of your redness.